Gas Control Technologies have over 40 years of combined pipeline installation knowledge with a client base ranging from single laboratories to major semiconductor manufacturers. Our welders are fully ASME certified and our pipe fitters are fully trained on the correct use of compression fittings and pipe preparation. All of our installation teams work to the BCGA codes of Practice.

For laboratory grade equipment (NPT technology) pipelines will be installed in SC grade stainless steel with compression ring fittings as a minimum. For Ultra High Purity gases (VCR® technology) only electro-polished tubing with orbital welded and face seal connections is allowed. Pressure testing is achieved by 24 hour Helium pressure decay testing at 1.5 times the maximum possible operating pressure as determined by the source gas equipment. This pressure test is electronically monitored and recorded. Outboard Helium leak testing is also available as an option at each joint site.

Gas control Technologies Ltd also provide an equipment hook-up service including valves and regulators where required, these would be installed in ventilated enclosures for HPM gases as required.

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Gas detection



Gas Detection Systems

From standalone oxygen depletion sensing through to multi-point extractive toxic gas monitoring systems, Gas Control Technologies Ltd can supply a cost effective solution including installation.


In association with Honeywell Analytics Ltd, Gas Control Technologies Ltd supply the Midas Gas detection system with a bespoke monitoring system. Utilising PoE (Power over Ethernet) in order to simplify field connection, the Gas Control Technologies Ltd central monitoring system, collects data from each module in order to display gas concentration, flow rate, alarm points and cell life. The information is then utilised to control gas equipment emergency shutdown devices should the occasion arise as well as activating beacons and sounders to alert personnel to the potential danger.

For more basic gas detection, Gas control Technologies Ltd utilise the Honeywell Analytics Ltd Signalpoint detector either as standalone matched with a Unipoint Controller, or as a multipoint system with a PLC and two line text display. Again gas control equipment and audible and visual warning devices can be controlled from the central unit.

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Gas abatement



Gas Control Technologies have established a co-operation with Artea GmbH in order to supply and service their Waste Gas Abatement systems Pico and Picolino, as well as bespoke waste gas systems for larger facilities.

The artea© Pico and artea© Picolino systems are designed as a “point of vent” system for gas supply systems.

Our dry bed absorbers are used to detoxify the flushing gases generated during the cylinder exchange, or are used as full-size emergency absorbers in systems with small gas volumes. The Picolino system is a cost-effective alternative, especially for small amounts of gas or discontinuous operation, eg in R & D plants.

Pico and Picolino dry bed adsorbers are the world’s first and only system to be used within the gas cabinet for full bottle pressure venting. Each dry-bed absorber cartridge was tested by the TÜV with a test pressure of at least 286 bar and has a type approval. Even if the entire bottle pressure is applied to the system due to a malfunction, Pico and Picolino dry-bed absorbers still operate within the permissible pressure range.

The artea© Pico and artea© Picolino dry-bed absorber cartridges are filled with granules which have been specially developed for the absorption of the relevant gas components.
As the retention rate for the various pollutant gases is generally above 99.95%; the statutory limits are safely met.
We would be pleased to advise you in order to find a solution to your specific gas problem.

Advantages of the systems are:

  • Approved worldwide as the only pressure tank up to 220 bar

  • Safe retention <99.95% for all common noxious gases

  • Flexible application possibilities (point of use for rinsing processes – emergency absorbers)

  • Low-cost system for small gas quantities: Picolino

  • Refilling of dry bed adsorbers

Our systems are, of course, refilled in-house. In addition, we also offer this service for all other dry bed absorbers on the market, starting with the Ventline cartridge with a few liters content up to the filling of several cubic meter systems.

Our services include:

  • Safe evacuation of the absorber

  • Cleaning the container

  • Proper installation of fresh absorption granules

  • Verification of the system by pressure holding or H leak test

  • Safe disposal / utilization of loaded granules

  • Performing on-site or in-house activities

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Gas cabinet

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One of Gas Control Technologies key products is the ability to offer bespoke control systems to operate gas control equipment. With in-house touch screen and PLC programming capabilities, we can offer solutions to the majority of challenges.

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