About Gas Control Technologies



Formed in 2015, Gas control Technologies is an equipment supply and installation company to the Ultra High Purity gas market.

With over 40 years of experience between the two founding partners, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding gas equipment selection, material selection and application of PED, LVD, EMC and ATEX directives as well as welding procedures for various materials.

Our Dunston facility has 4500 square footprint which houses our offices, clean assembly area, cabinet assembly area, as well as well as giving space to stock holdings of gas cabinets. All of our manufacturing and assembly is centred here with no out-sourcing to ensure our commitment to quality.

 Supply of Bulk Ammonia system for Rolls Royce Derwent Building



Supply and installation of valve manifold boxes along with tool hook-up at Compound Semiconductors Technologies




Supply of Modular Gas Pad System including Gas Cabinet, Gas Detection, extract control, non-toxic gas control all housed in an exterior grade security locked “gas Pad” delivered pre-commissioned to site by articulated heavy goods vehicle ready for installation



Supply of various gas equipment solutions to AGA Sweden and ADA Lithuania including new equipment, retro-fitted gas panels, service to other equipment suppliers and consultation on equipment solutions including compliance with local emission control bylaws.


Supply of gas valves to Siad Italy



Supply of Gas Cabinet, retrofit gas panels, gas detection, cabinet control system and tool hook-up at Inesc Portugal.


Supply and installation of external grade (stainless steel enclosures) fully automatic source gas and distribution systems along with internal grade manual gas systems

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