Installation Services 

Gas Control Technologies with combined pipeline installation knowledge with a client base ranging from single laboratories to major semiconductor manufacturers. Our welders are fully ASME certified and our pipe fitters are fully trained on the correct use of compression fittings and pipe preparation. All of our installation teams work to the BCGA codes of Practice.

For laboratory grade equipment (NPT technology) pipelines will be installed in SC grade stainless steel with compression ring fittings as a minimum. For Ultra High Purity gases (VCR® technology) only electro-polished tubing with orbital welded and face seal connections is allowed. Pressure testing is achieved by 24 hour Helium pressure decay testing at 1.5 times the maximum possible operating pressure as determined by the source gas equipment. This pressure test is electronically monitored and recorded. Outboard Helium leak testing is also available as an option at each joint site.

Gas control Technologies Ltd also provide an equipment hook-up service including valves and regulators where required, these would be installed in ventilated enclosures for HPM gases as required.