A system of modular built, gas panels for all ultra high purity gases.  Manufactured using faceseal fittings, welded diaphragm valves and tied diaphragm regulators, we have a gas panel to suit all applications including high flow.



2 Valve Self Purging Gas Panel

A 2 valve gas panel for inert and non-reactive gases capable of being classed as self purging such as N2, Ar, He, O2









3 Valve Gas Panel

A 3 valve gas panel for non-toxic reactive gases capable that require purging with inert gas such as H2, CH4, SF6, CHF3, CF4









5 Valve Gas Panel

A 5 valve gas panel for toxic, flammable, pyrophoric, reactive gases that require purging with inert gas and line purge capability such as AsH3, PH3, SiH4, NH3, NF3








Bespoke Specialist Gas Panels

Gas Control Technologies Ltd specialise in creating bespoke gas panels for source gas solutions including vapour delivery systems and liquid transfer systems, please contact us for further information.









Purification and Distribution Enclosures

Gas Control Technologies ltd were commissioned to produce two purifier and distribution enclosures for bulk MOCVD gases. Each enclosure houses two dry bed absorber type purifiers which must be capable of being purged and exchanged whilst maintaining gas supply to the facility. This was achieved by running the two purifers in parallel with isolation valves to allow the gas to be directed through one purifier at a time. Purge gas inlet and vent gas outlet valves were installed inboard of the isolation valves to achive the desired capabilities. Purified gas is then piped to the distribution manifold where in is split into up to ten distribution legs, each with it’s own isolation valve and pressure regulator as required. Pneumatic isolation valves are fitted to hazardous gases as standard.

A sealed enclosure with glazed door completes the package.

Bulk Gas Source Systems (BGSS)

The Gas Control Technologies Bulk Gas Supply System is an automatic changeover and purging system based around the GCT5VAP controller. Utilising the DV4 series of valve and high flow ½ inch pressure regulators, flow rates of up to 200 SLPM can be achieved from bulk gas storage bundles or drums. Our unique Pressure recovery mode for liquid sources allows for the system to maintain outlet pressure in the event of the source liquid boil off being unable to keep up with demand. ½ inch electro-polished tubing and fittings are used throughout to maintain gas purity with source and outlet pressures being monitored by pressure transducer, liquid sources can be supplied with bespoke scale platforms for even the largest of drums along with temperature maintenance control where specified.

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