Gas pad systems 

Gas Control Technologies Ltd have developed an externally rated enclosure to house all source gas equipment built ready for installation at a clients facility.  Manufactured using a stainless steel or aluminium exoskeleton, thermal isoclad walls and an insulated, UV resistant, roofing material along with a steel security door, the Vanguard GPS keeps your gases safe.

With all gas cabinets and wall mounted panels ready installed along with services such as electrical distribution, cabinet extract exhaust, gas detection and full control and monitoring , the Vanguard GPS is an ideal solution. Delivered by road after customer factory acceptance, the Vanguard GPS can be connected to the pre-installed gas lines and electrical supply and be operational within as little as 24 hours from delivery.

Designed to be placed on hard standing only, the Vanguard GPS can be levelled using the built-in support legs and the adjustable door ramp makes access with gas cylinder trolleys easy. Warm air can be ducted to the enclosure from an adjacent building or electric heaters can be installed. Gas cabinet air inlets can be ducted to take only outside air, or fed from the room itself.

Each Vanguard GPS is built individually in order to tailor it to the exact requirements of each client, as well as ensuring that room for expansion is included.


The internal control system monitors all gases for process alarms as well as controlling Emergency Shutoff Valves in the event of either internal or external safety shutdown signals. Output relays send basic signals to Building Management Systems and an Ethernet Module allows all system parameters to be monitored externally.  Heating control is achieved by an adjustable thermostat switching the power to the heaters via solid state relays. Visual status information is displayed in an as-built format keeping operation as simple as possible, cutting down on the requirement for expensive operator training.


Non-hazardous and inert gases  are installed as wall mounted systems with cylinder support brackets and securing chains mounted on support beams attached to the Vanguard GPS exo-skeleton  to ensure adequate support. aluminium floor plates are fitted that helps to eliminate operator slippage and makes housekeeping easier.


LED Lighting is fitted as standard, controlled by a 30 minute (adjustable) Passive InfraRed sensor positioned so that the lights are activated when the heavy duty security door is opened. Ceramic heaters are offered as an option for potential cold climates.


For hazardous gases, an extracted gas cabinet is installed within the Vanguard GPS, complete with extract  fans (ATEX where applicable) and, if required, Picolino waste gas absorbers. All fans have a dedicated controller for speed and for multiple gas cabinets adjustable dampers to control the air flow to the correct parameters. For cold climate applications, the gas cabinet “snorkel” can be ducted to use “outside air” rather than the Gas Pad heated interior air in order to cut down on heating bills. If required, cylinders inside the gas cabinet would be heated. Gas detection can also be installed as an option, with this reporting to the Internal Control system.

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